Lockdown silver linings? In which I try to find some meaning in 2020

Oh, 2020. What is there to say?

Were there pros to the pandemic? Silver linings in the lockdowns?

The one that first comes to mind is work flexibility. The dream! May it last.

The second is time with Spud, albeit with wayyyy too much screen time.

And with the dogs.

The reduced cost/time of commuting is great. On in-office days, it still provides a nice buffer in the morning and evening to myself to switch gears and get into the right mindset.

How did I ever manage laundry working FT in the city?

Being able to do more daycare dropoff and pickup – connect with parents and teachers, which I couldn’t really do before.

Appreciation for my neighbourhood – easily walkable to greenery, cycleways, parks, playgrounds, the local horse farm. Shops, transport, pool, library, vet, pet store/bird barn and other amenities not far away. Having my own house and yard to quarantine in.

Being stretched and finding new depths of resilience, patience, and awareness as a parent and a person.

Not gonna lie, though. It was an effing horrendous year that nearly broke me.

Going into 2021…

Upgrade is my word of the year. My mindset, and my results.

I’ve written a bit about conscious parenting and soon I’ll be delving into intentionality and consciousness around money. Bringing this mindful approach into all areas of life. Woo as it sounds, I now know it’s the key to levelling up and creating a new reality.

One thought on “Lockdown silver linings? In which I try to find some meaning in 2020

  • Reply Kat February 19, 2021 at 00:09

    Totally agree with you about flexibility. I have gained so much extra time and so many overseas clients that my working life will forever be changed.

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