In my neighbourhood

I loved Kristen’s post about the pros and cons of her neighbourhood so much, I was inspired to do my own!

Let’s start with the bad.

  • I  live on a somewhat busy road.
  • There are often loud cars disturbing the vibe.
  • The neighbours on one side have a lot of drama.
  • There’s rubbish always blowing onto the front yard somehow.
  • At the park around the corner, there’s often broken glass, and people in the bordering houses throw bones and other food scraps onto the ground pretty frequently.

On the plus side, the good things include proximity to sooo many amenities:

  • A park right around the corner, a couple others within walking distance, and several more within 5 minutes’ drive
  • Close to a bike path and walking paths/bush trails
  • Close to petrol stations and shops
  • Close to multiple supermarkets
  • Close to bakeries
  • Close to a pony club, so we often see horses grazing there in the fields
  • Close to the library
  • Close to the pool
  • Close to the mall
  • Close to daycare
  • Close to the doctor
  • Close to the vet
  • Close to the hospital

The benefits are plenty!

For several reasons, I don’t see us living here forever any longer.

But we can appreciate what we have already while still working towards what we want.

One thought on “In my neighbourhood

  • Reply Kristen May 13, 2022 at 03:44

    Aww, I love this list! I am convinced there are always good things to be found if we hunt hard enough. 🙂

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