Become a money boss with these 5 podcasts (there’s something for everyone here)

This is not a list of your typical financial gurus. Rather, it’s a list of podcasts that will expand, educate, and even entertain you on your financial journey. All by badass broads. I’ve learned so much from women like them. Enjoy!

Bitches Get Riches

I can only ever hope to be a fraction as badass as Piggy and Kitty. Their podcast is packed with real talk and practical advice with plenty of sass, humour, and pop culture references.

Art of Money

I remember really struggling to grasp the concept of the ‘body check in’ from Bari Tessler’s book The Art of Money. These days of course, nervous system regulation and somatic work is just BAU for me.  

Her podcast, like her book, embodies her gentle approach to personal finance. She’s a financial therapist, and the practices and rituals and stories she shares are so compassionate. No matter where you are on your financial journey, you will feel welcomed and safe.

Get Paid

We’ve all seen the gurus touting how much they make online and how you can too.

Claire Pelletreau digs into the back end, interviewing online entrepreneurs about money and mindset. Lots of real numbers and a real, honest look at how people make money online today.

Hello Seven

I first heard Rachel Rodgers on the Get Paid podcast (as far as I can remember) and followed her off and on for a bit. I remember my mind exploding a bit when she and Emma Pattee (a name you might remember from the old PF blog days) teamed up on something – worlds colliding!

Her belief that we should all be millionaires is everything and her podcast is full of motivation and coaching, strategies and systems to support you on that mission. Plus, being a member of The Club has helped me level up in so many ways.


I really don’t know how I first came across business coach Lacey Sites, but I’ve been following her for a few years now. I love her framework (Mindset, Strategy, Execution), and her innovative podcast that gives you an intimate look at a 1:1 coaching relationship.

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