Getting more intentional about my belongings

CURATING MY HOME - starting with books

As a renter, I lived with a hodge podge of random furniture and belongings. I really couldn’t commit to anything, because I moved so frequently, and often had to upsize or downsize accordingly.

Seven years after moving into my own home, I still very much live with a random assortment of things. And I’d like to be more intentional about what is in my home.

I feel my family was very much in the ‘grab it if it’s free/cheap’ camp.¬†Books, CDs, toys weren’t really carefully curated, more just whatever came our way or was on sale.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very grateful for all the freebies we’ve received. I just want a bit more curation in my life.

I’m going to start with books. Reading is a core part of my identity.

But, I don’t buy books – I live and die by the public library.

That said, there are definitely a few books I think I could happily own and come back to over and over.

Right now, all the books I personally own were gifts or freebies through work. I’ve made a list of books I would like to own and will start looking out for ways to acquire them frugally.

I’m also getting better at saying no to my mum, who is always offering me something or other from her latest round of bargains from the op shops, picked up off the roadside or gifted to her.

I still don’t really care about decor, colour schemes, matching sets … but these days I do want to carefully curate what I surround myself with. To be more selective. More intentional.

Do you choose your stuff, or has your stuff chosen you?

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