Do the THING: Simplify your money

When I first started investing over 10 years ago… well, I’m a bit fuzzy on the details. I think I randomly picked some funds that were available to me after reading their short descriptions. They served me pretty well, I think – I wound up selling some to get the cash over the years, and held on to the rest. I still have some of those today!

I had my savings and term deposits with Rabo, so it was just easy to add on some funds. But recently I had a closer look and realised I was essentially doubled up. A couple funds were investing in very similar mixes, which seemed overkill.

To streamline and simplify, I sold off one of them. Easy win.

Adding into the mix

I did, though, then go on to add another fund into the mix – one of the new InvestNow foundation series funds that recently launched with extremely low fees.

On that note, it’s been fascinating to watch the explosion of all these new self serve investing platforms – Sharesies, Stake, Hatch, Kernel etc (here’s a handy overview of them all). Even more so to see the move toward being able to essentially build your own KiwiSaver… not sure that’s for me, but having the choice is a big innovation in this space.

And I also opened up a couple new term deposits to take advantage of these sky high rates right now. Optimising FTW.

So if you’ve been sitting on something for ages that’s going to simplify things for your money life, here’s your nudge to go ahead and do it! 

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