• How I’m saving money this Christmas

    How I'm saving money this Christmas

    It sucked growing up and not getting birthday or Christmas presents.

    But now that I’m an adult, I’m really glad my family plays it that way.

    Now that I don’t work public holidays, and will therefore be seeing them on Christmas day, I’ll bring something along – but it won’t be anything major. Baking. Books, maybe – we’ll see what freebies come my way at work within the next month (!!!).

    For T’s side, I’m planning to redeem a bunch of online survey points for various vouchers. I know a lot of people are vehemently opposed to vouchers, or worse, cash, but I’m a big fan of letting people spend as they wish, and I don’t think they will mind.

    As for T himself? I’m still not sure. He hates that I never want anything (seriously, the best gift anyone could ever give me is cash, which I would save), but honestly, he doesn’t make a whole lot anyway. My Scrooginess does not extend to him, so I hope he won’t want anything too extravagant or outrageous. I’m pretty sure I bought him a new release Xbox game last Christmas. My Scrooginess, however, does extend to a preference that we go shopping for our presents on Boxing Day when the sales are on, if we’re doing gifts.

    Have you started your Christmas shopping? Do you save or splurge when it comes to presents?

  • Dear Santa

    Ten years ago, my Dear Santa letter might have gone something like this:

    A pushup bra
    A boyfriend
    Clear skin

    Now it looks more like:

    Summerweight jacket
    Shoe/wardrobe organiser
    A good knife set (including steak knives)
    A night in a deluxe spa room at the Duxton
    An apprenticeship for T

    Ah, how things change. Is this growing up?

  • Christmas

    I have been saying I don’t want anything for Christmas, in the spirit of frugality. However, after a little thought, I came up with a few things I’d like – little luxuries I wouldn’t buy for myself, and I wouldn’t mind getting. Hereby:

    New pillows

    MP3 player (with decent capacity, say 5-10G)

    Makeup bag (something sturdy with a few different compartments)