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getting to know me

The best decision I ever made (Reverb 2010)

My first love was a practice run

Demystifying the introvert

ISFJ: The power of four letters

Finding a balance between hoarding and minimalism

money blog - personal finance nz

20 financial milestones for your 20s: how I stack up

Money for couples: the contributions conundrum

Weird ways I’ve made money

Inspired: Food for thought from An English Major

What I value in a job

Inequality’s a bitch

nzmuse travel blog posts

Skydiving and surviving in Queenstown

How to plan a campervan trip around the South Island

Unexpected benefits of couchsurfing (or, how to fall in love with your own country again)

Why travel abroad? Four reasons I want to travel the world…

Fitting travel into your life plan

Seven things travelling has taught me

The tradeoffs I make to live in NZ

My favourite travel photos from 2013

Travel vs tourism – what kind of traveller are you?

nzmuse blog reflections

Post-wedding musings

What I’ve learned since graduation

On authenticity in blogging

Learning to take criticism

Growing up is hard to do…?

The job-you-wake-up-excited-for propaganda

Dreams. It’s funny how they change

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Thoughts from a first generation immigrant

On choices, mortality and nearly losing it all

Yes, you can.

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