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getting to know me

The best decision I ever made 

My first love was a practice run

Demystifying the introvert

ISFJ: The power of four letters

Thoughts from a first generation immigrant

Learning to take criticism

Finding a balance between hoarding and minimalism

money blog - personal finance nz

Wouldn’t you rather have the money?

Careers, compromise, and capitalism

3 things I’ve learned about money

Money is sexy. If only my teenage self had known that

Weird ways I’ve made money

Inspired: Food for thought from An English Major

What I value in a job

Inequality’s a bitch

Money for couples: the contributions conundrum

nzmuse travel blog posts

Enough with the travel snobbery!

Skydiving and surviving in Queenstown

How to plan a campervan trip around the South Island

Unexpected benefits of couchsurfing (or, how to fall in love with your own country again)

Why travel abroad? Four reasons I want to travel the world…

Fitting travel into your life plan

Seven things travelling has taught me

The tradeoffs I make to live in NZ

My favourite travel photos from 2013

Travel vs tourism – what kind of traveller are you?

nzmuse blog reflections

Post-wedding musings

What I’ve learned since graduation

On authenticity in blogging

The job-you-wake-up-excited-for propaganda

Goodbye publishing. On leaving an industry you love

Dreams. It’s funny how they change

On choices, mortality and nearly losing it all

When the darkness threatens to swallow you whole

Six things I’ve learned the hard way
Yes, you can.

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