3 steps to feel-good money

3 steps to feel good money


The better you feel, the better you do.

You know I’m all about figuring out how to feel better about money, so you can do better with it. It’s a beautiful cycle. A worthy model. A virtuous flywheel.

So, here’s a simple framework for feel-good money. Enjoy!

Stack up the evidence

Write your badass bio, financially speaking. List all your past money wins, previous achievements, and create a narrative around this. One that speaks to your track record of success.

This might feel weird and imposter-y and uncomfortable.

But this empowering story is just for you. To help you get used to focusing on your triumphs rather than flops. Stack the deck in your favour, and take this step toward being kinder to yourself and easing up on past you.

Track your wins

A plug for these quick money wins. Get a few under your belt, boost your energy, and get some momentum going!

Then, keep the vibe going. Tune in and pay attention to all your wins, big and small, from here on in.

What counts? Anything goes, honestly.

Getting a great deal in a sale…

An unexpected refund…

A referral for a cool, lucrative project… etc

Again, you’re learning to tune in to the goodness, because we’re wired to dwell on negativity. It’s not so natural to look for the good stuff.

Celebrate the hell outta it

Ride those highs as long as they last.

I beat myself up for things, even years later. Do I celebrate their positive equivalents, years later? Probably not (see previous point).

So, we gotta milk the wins as they come and savour every minute.

Celebration means feeling it all, revelling in it, soaking it up. No dismissing or downplaying. No modesty here, thanks. Stretch yourself into feeling egoic.

Squealing. Dancing. Moving and vocalising are all great!

Whatever moves you. Whatever the mood brings you to. Embody the good vibes and encode these beautiful feelings and memories in your body at a cellular level.

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