I did originally intend this to be a personal finance blog, but to be honest, I don’t have that tight a handle on my finances and I think it would be a bit depressing to reeeeally crunch the numbers like I should, at least while I’m still studying. And really, I just don’t have the discipline to be a real, hardcore PF blogger! And imagine how dry that would be. A few can and do pull it off, but most straight PF blogs are dry as bone. It’s the ones that mix it up with opinion, politics, style, whatever, that make for interesting reading.

I just love to read about other people’s lives. I have an innate interest in others; I did toy with studying psychology for awhile but decided it wasn’t for me. I signed up for a psych paper this year, but it didn’t work with my timetable, which bummed me out. I eavesdrop on anyone on the bus who’s having an interesting conversation (the couple fighting on the bus home last night, for instance). No matter how inane, I strain to hear every word. I recently got out a bunch of PF books, and found myself skimming them – maybe I’m not really ready to get totally serious about my money, or, I’m going to be one of those people who works off a looser ‘spending plan’ rather than a full on budget – and just reading the case studies. You know, examples, like Dave and Sally who made well over six figures but were living solely on credit……etc

Anyhow I guess this’ll continue to be a mishmash of topics, whatever’s on my mind at the time. I might decide differently in the future, but I just don’t think I can carry a blog that’s devoted solely to one subject.

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