sunday wrapup

I’ve been keeping my price book for three months now. The original idea was to try and track sale cycles so I’d know roughly when items were at rock bottom and when to stock up. Because we split our shopping quite evenly between PnS and CD though this doesn’t really work so well. Plus it’s not like we buy the exact same stuff every week. we mix it up you know? I’m thinking I might just start noting down important specials every week (maybe snap a photo or make a note) if I don’t actually buy them and just enter them into my book.

Although that aspect hasn’t really worked out, I HAVE steadily noticed the sneaking, creeping price increases. Raro went up eight cents this week! Why?! It’s like sugar and flavour. Honestly. And you consider that most items have increased that much, if not more, and it’s no surprise that grocery bills are still soaring.

But today we got a new fridge! It has a red cover on the front. An actual vege bin. It’s clean. Has new seals. Small freezer but lots of fridge space. I love it!

Cleaning out after moving the old POS was a hearty mission. Those roaches? Had a nest below on the floor. Euuugh, I shudder just remembering it. All kinds of dirt stuck to the floor and a piece of paper practically glued down. Took a good 20mins and a LOT of bleach, but we got that fucker of afloor clean. This fridge is, I think, smaller in size and will no doubt be a lot easier to keep tidy. No one wanted to clean the old one. It was leaky, icy and just nasty icky. This one, well dirt will be instantly obvious. It won’t rust onto the floor. And hopefully the insane amount of boric acid I laid down will make sure we never get roaches again.

Anywho, I’m sunburnt, my hands are bone dry and I keep reapplying handcream, and I have work tomorrow. Hurray!

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