Back at work

Back to work….it was hard! I worked a full 9 hour day. Dozed on the bus home. Felt slightly loserish being the only one in the office who hadn’t gone away over the break. Or got copiously drunk.

Our new boss is great though! I just love her. She’s fun, bubbly, vivacious and a little cheeky. And has a great accent. And clothes. She’s just so funny and full of life. I would have wanted to be her best friend; I bet she was a blast as a kid. (She claims she was hideous and bullied lots…) It’s a totally different, light atmosphere now and we all love it.

But man, I loved coming into work while they were all away. There were NO distractions (except of my own making). I’d rock up at 11 and still be done by 5 at the latest. In my miniskirt and jandals. I could hog the microwave. Scratch my ass. Talk to myself.

I reckon I could in fact work from home, in fact I might prefer it!

Working Girl reckons it takes months to make friends at work and to not try too hard. Like I did first day of uni……and bombed.

But if that’s the rule of thumb I’m glad! I still don’t have work friends. But I’ve never worked full time – even now I’m basically split between the jobs on diff. floors, so I don’t have much contact time to build relationships. Sadly, the most I can say is I’ve gone out with a coworker to get some lunch…and not a sit-down together kinda lunch, a grab it to take back to work, with detours into shops on way back.

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