Lawn dramas

Our lawn guy is a total freak. He showed up one December day, offering to mow our lawn, sat outside in our chair and smoked, then took off. He came back hours later, cut our grass and tidied up the edges. We paid him. He said he’d return in three weeks.

And he did. One weekday at around six thirty in the morning. I couldn’t think what on earth it could be, and it must be vitally urgent – who comes calling at six thirty AM??? Grumpy BF got rid of him and told him to come back on the weekend at a more godly hour.

He didn’t. same thing happened three weeks later. We ignored him and stayed in bed. Heard him rustling around in our recycling bin and poking around the side of the house. Honestly, he just didn’t give up – he called out, rapped loudly on front and back doors, yelled out again. And again, today. Thankfully, this time he didn’t hang out harassing us.

Then, just as we were leaving the house around 5 this afternoon, he turned up again.

Finally. Some people just have no common sense.

So he’s doing the lawns tomorrow, and hopefully he knows now NOT to come at dawn in the middle of the week. And if he hasn’t learned, well, I think our relationship is well and truly doomed.

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