Awash in cash….sort of


Feels good…da da da da ba da da


We have money. For the first time in MONTHS. BF got paid early, and given his contracting rate, it’s the equivalent of a full week’s work for like three days’ worth.

Honestly, I couldn’t get around it all and had to slowly break it down in my budget program. Esp. as I was dealing with a mix of cash and money in the bank. Oh, and flatmate paid up a big chunk of bills, so that helps. We have a horrendous power bill due soon… $60per person, so I socked away extra this week for bills.

Normally I budget everything down to zero, but not this week. Even after some extravagance, and no doubt extra spending on crap, there should still be some left and I’ll decide what to apply it to later.

What we did: paid up a lump sum to the Visa, which had been ignored during the Drought of Unemployment; a lump sum to car loan (more than one week’s regular payment!); put some towards the student loan (which is all due in full next week I think, shudder…don’t think we are fully caught up); towards car expenses fund and towards savings (also greatly neglected during our dry spell). Felt great, I tell you. We really want to attack his debt and get that done and dusted, but given the economy and his job situation savings is equally important. Probably should be first priority, but the debt is just nagging away too much.

I even had money left over to save for me.

The boy, bless his generous soul, bought a bunch of bourbies for the flat. He was going to pay for it all out of his money, but we arranged so only half of it came directly out of his pocket.

Of course, it’s easy to get carried away – we drifted into talking about taking a holiday sometime, probably one of the Pacific Islands, maybe early next year. The big Europe expedition can come later. Of course, we don’t even know how long this job will last, there isn’t really any official paperwork and I’m dearly hoping they’re paying taxes as they should be. And who knows where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing post grad. I’ll be happy just to continue doing what I’m doing, and bank some money, take a well deserved break for the first real time in three years.

Friends complain that four weeks a year isn’t enough! Jeepers, that’s a whole month out of 12. That’s heaps! Of course I’ve worked full time every summer since high school, without a break, so my perspective’s different. Honestly, four weeks sounds like heavenly eternity to me.

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