Driving lessons

Driving is going okay. I have just over a month till uni starts and I need to pass my test by then, so there’s a little time pressure. I drive really differently with friends, when I’m alone I’m super hyper alert, like seriously buzzing, and fanatically checking my mirrors and steering like a total granny. But having friends teaching me means we talk a lot and I don’t pay quite as much attention to what’s around me (which isn’t good….)

Being on the roads is okay (although changing lanes makes me twitchy). It’s parking that gets me and I’m really nervous, cause I’m sure I’ll get a mean old guy who’ll decide to make my asian ass parallel park. Seeing as normal parking is a struggle, and reverse parking of any sort eludes me…yeah.

Also still working on the whole reversing around a corner thing. That is the single most ludicrous move, imo. It’s downright bloody dangerous. Why would you EVER reverse around a corner? It goes against all common sense. You should not be driving backwards around a corner, it’s unnatural and kinda unsafe if you can’t really see around, and why would you need to? Plus it’s almost impossible to do it gracefully and maintaining the same distance from the kerb.

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