Screwing up

I think something is really wrong in my head. I’ve been missing things at work, and I don’ t know how or why. I was positive I’d done all the horoscopes last week, but someone complained they hadn’t been updated since Friday and voiced their strong ‘disappointment’. People are very vocal about these things. Horoscopes, and puzzles. If Sudoku’s not up there is an instant outrage and floods of emails – I reckon they wouldn’t care half as much if there was no fresh news in the morning, as long as they have their precious Sudoku! I live in fear of those, of accidentally messing up a going-live date or mixing up days.

I also loaded up a 100 best books feature, and somehow missed about 30. That was like 4 pages worth! I don’t know how on earth I overlooked them. When I went back, well I just couldn’t work out what I’d done. I must have been really preoccupied that day. To make things worse, by then the story was no longer in the system ANYWHERE…it was a week too old by the looks of it. I had to type up the rest of the article by hand. That was a lot of lines. Thankfully it was dead quiet and I was glad to have something to do, line by painstaking line.

For the past two days I’ve also had a really bad pain all up through my right side, like I’ve strained something. It starts up in my butt and goes down to my feet and makes me hobble like a hobbly hobbit, cause I can’t walk normally on it (hurts too much). So I tend to hold on as long as I can to minimise limping trips to the bathroom, or to get water from the kitchen.

On the bright side, I managed to wear my contacts ALL DAY yesterday! Woohoooo!!!! They got dry quite fast – which I put down to our wonky AC – it’s alternately noisy and freezing, or silent and completely non functional. Why they can’t maintain some kind of consistency is beyond me. Hopefully the worst of the pollen is past us, cause I loved having my contacts in, and even if I can wear them half the time then I’m happy with that.

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