Nineties child

Yes I was a nineties child (although you couldn’t really tell it at the time, so deprived and removed from general pop culture was I!)

C4 had a great countdown the other day…actually they had quite a few good ones, 90s one hit wonders, 90s best of, 10 years of the Big Day Out… I still know all the words to that one Billie Piper song! And god I hated Limp Bizkit, but now I can look back fondly on them and actually headbang along to them…

So in honour of that great decade, here’s my Hot and Not list of nineties music!

The best
N Sync
Counting Crows
Smashing Pumpkins
Pearl Jam
S Club 7 (have to put them in there – I even had a mad fan site devoted to them, with the coolest – relatively speaking, bearing in mind this was 8 years ago – nav bar, whose CSS I ripped off someone else’s page)

Worst but still freaking fantastic
Limp Bizkit
Backstreet Boys
Billie Piper
Alice in Chains

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