Got my act together this weekend and called around again for contents insurance quotes – got one from State, AMI and ASB. We went for $20k worth of cover, jointly – AMI was the cheapest, probably because of the bundling multisave discount (BF’s car cover is with them. He was like “won’t they care that I’ve had two accidents and be like, man, this client sucks?”) Fingers crossed they renew his insurance in May.

ASB cost more and didn’t offer a quarterly payment option (neither did State). I like AMI’s flexibility. Plus they’ve been good in our dealings so far. They also keep the quote in the system for “quite awhile”, and aren’t too pushy. ASB’s quote was valid for 30 days. State hustle you; they told it was only valid till close of business, ALTHOUGH, I could sign up now and then have 15 days or so to cancel, before payment, no hard feelings etc. However, ASB’s basic actually offered full replacement for computers under 3 years old and furniture/appliances under 5 years old.

It’s a little confusing though, deciding how much cover we need, and whether it’s worth getting a more comprehensive plan for full replacement value of items! And not all plan are created the same. Some have free lock and key replacements, or for personal effects like glasses, cell phones etc. And the replacement value vs market value is the kicker really. Is it worth the extra?

I think we’ll be fine with market value, really. Bu it’s good to know that a hundred or two hundred a year can cover your ass for so much more. Something we’ll consider when we amass stuff that’s actually worth anything. Honestly, I’d say BF has about a third of what I have – he has virtually no clothes or furniture. His tools though are probably the biggest single item of worth we have.

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