Got my first story in by deadline this week…oh, the stress. There’s no down time either. It’s straight onto the next one – no time to breathe, it’s all go go go, gotta be AHEAD because you’re relying on other people and sometimes they won’t get back to you and the whole thing falls through.

I’m SO paranoid about misquoting people though. That and maybe implying attitudes that are stronger than they are, or putting too much of a negative spin on things.

This stuff isn’t easy.

Hunting down stories is another whole thing; I used to think stories just came to you, tipoffs, events, etc. Nope, you gotta find them. Especially as we’re on community papers – lots of human interest, and vital local news is usually already covered.

I’ve got one brewing for next week and another on the go. Next week’s one is sort of following up on one I did last year that got butchered by the mag, and I want it to have a fair go. I’m hoping I can still get in touch with my main interviewee – I’m not sure if she’s still teaching at the same place, and I get the feeling she’s not. That’s a hurdle for next week methinks.

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