When it rains, it pours

BF got a call from Carter Holt Harvey (big NZ name. HUGE company) for an interview for a storeman position. Also a big position…better than the one he just started. He told them already found work. And this place won’t want to let him go; they’ve apparently been saying how they were reluctant and are afraid he’s overqualified and is going to up and leave for something better.

So yeah, that would be a way better job but one he probably has only a small chance of getting. I can’t imagine how many people they would be interviewing. This job is a sure thing, at least for now, and it’s close to home.

BF is on night shift next week – a new phenomenon – but is actually quite looking forward to it. Apparently it’s quite cruisy. Although there are only about a quarter of the number of staff on at night compared to day, and they don’t get paid extra, it’s supposed to be quite cruisy. Working 11pm-7am (the truest graveyard shift I ever did see) means I pretty much won’t see him at all next week, though.

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