Currently at home at 7.30 on a Friday evening, tired, but preparing to go out.

I’m in a good mood. Here’s why:

I just had some delicious marinated pork chops and super tasty WEDGES!

I had my second story printed in the paper. And a huge photo. It’s running a little late but I’m grateful it got published, full stop.

I also wrote a little piece today at work, no byline, but it was fun, and it was definitely a good thing to do.

I was a little stressed recently about passing on some of the duties I had over the summer, but that seems to have worked itself out for now.

LL just informed me his sister and mum are moving to the city. So it’ll be back to normal, relatively. Seeing as he no longer has his job, and may have (I’m not sure) broken up with his gf, he may be spending most of his time at home, but it still means we’ll feel a lot more comfortable living here. He’s spending his time doing up things around the place, tidying the yard, etc.

He also told us he doesn’t want any of our friends going down the back yard. Which is a bit rich. However, he’s more or less taken over, with his duck cages and his landscaping crap, so we don’t really want to anyway. Unfortunately, despite not really having the use of the yard, our rent is still the same. The upside I guess is he’s now doing all the maintenance, taking care of lawnmowing etc, so it sort of evens out.

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