Hope on the horizon

Good news! BF’s second job interview went well and he has the job!!! Woohoo!!!

The recruitment consultant actually asked him if he felt it was “below” him.

Frankly, any job is a fantastic job at the mo, and I’m sure hundreds or thousands of other people feel the same way at the moment. If something better comes up, he’ll pass it on – but a bird in the hand, etc. BF is just mondo excited to be going to work tomorrow. Plus, if this works
out we don’t want to antagonise them.

They’ve worked with BF’s old company, which is probably how he got the interview (they have a good relationship I
think, and are impressed with their reputation). It’s close to home, literally down the road, and should be a job that he can pick up pretty fast. Is it menial? Sure, to an extent, and I don’t know how much he’s going to
be making. Minimum wage would be fine by me – it’s a hell of a lot more than nothing. Probably the most problematic part is that they work shifts – rotating shifts, so he’s working from 8am tomorrow, then will be on afternoon the next day and probably doing the evening shift the day after. That will probably be hard to get used to.

In the meantime I guess we can keep looking, although step it down a notch maybe, and see what else the recruitment guy comes up with. He seems to be impressed and quite likes BF by the sounds of it.

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