Why I like phone interviews:

It’s easier for me to stop, think and deliberately slow down. I’m a motormouth; I talk ridiculously fast and others have trouble keeping up. I also mumble, but over the phone I can slow my pace and enunciate more clearly and awarely.

No eye contact. Eye contact has ALWAYS been an issue for me. I feel really uncomfortable about sustaining eye contact for any length of time. A friend once told me – “You have nothing to be afraid of, nothing to hide. Eye contact is the one thing you DO have, it shows you’re in control” Or something along those lines. I’m sure I didn’t phrase it right. But the point was, it’s a sign of strength and confidence. Yet I just can’t quite do it. Taking away the visual aspect helps my nerves. It also kind of stops me rambling on nervously to fill the air which I often do. I mean, I get nervous just being alone talking to a tutor – I know I’m babbling but I just can’t help myself most times.

Holding the phone gives me something to do. In person I’m very fidgety. Kind of goes along with the eye contact – I can’t sit still, or even stand still (I shift from foot to foot). I never know what to do with my hands. I play with my hair. It’s pretty unprofessional.

It doesn’t matter what I look like or what I’m wearing. This is a biggie. If I’m having ANY skin/hair/clothing issues, it colours my entire day. If I’m wearing glasses and not contacts, I don’t feel as confident (and I feel more geeky and like I’m not looking my best) and feel like I blend in with all the other bespectacled Asians around.

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