Online Shopping (NZ)

Hereby, a list of the best shopping sites for NZ (according to me and what I buy!)

The Deal
Awesome, awesome site. Gets heaps of random last minute/ends of lines, that kind of thing. The Deal should be your first stop for random browsing! Clothes, shoes, beauty, makeup, homewares, basically everything. Of course the range varies widely so it pays to check back often. You can be really lucky and score stuff up to 90% off, and they sometimes do free shipping too.

Dump It

Cheap looking site, but has some gems from time to time. It’s a discount store where suppliers dump stock they can’t move. Categories are a bit limited.

Strawberry net

The place to get makeup and skincare online! Big brands, at lower prices. They don’t have absolutely everything by everyone but the selection is pretty good. There’s a huge range; I’ve honestly never heard of some of the brands.

Less for Specs

Site is not the flashest, but the service is unbeatable. It’s really personal; they go the extra mile to help you. And cheap! Not so much the frames maybe (at least in my case) but certainly the lenses. Online is where it’s at!

Lenses Online

There are a bunch of contact lens sites but I like this one. Prices are super competitive. That’s really my only criteria for lenses, as long as they’re in stock! I had issues processing my payment, so I rung up and we did it over the phone. Seriously, if you’re still buying your contacts in store, STOP. You’re being ripped off.

Price Spy

Really hard to read and navigate, but it’s amazing how much is on here. Basically this is the place to compare prices and check out if something is a good deal or not.

If you’re interested in starting your own ecom site, I highly recommend using Shopify as ecom platform. Its highly customizable, easy to learn and great to work with. You can sign up for shopify 60 and 90 day free trial as well.

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