LL assured me when he brought his mother/sister over that this was temporary and they would be finding a place of their own ASAP.

Doesn’t look like that’s happening. They’ve settled in, taken over the grounds, show no signs of moving. He reckons he’s going to do all this stuff to the house, get a second washing line, etc. (Except that he, you know, lost his job).

Rubbish is piling up. Cans and bottles and boxes are piling up. The grounds look like a rubbish tip. Our rubbish and recycling bin are just big enough to serve the four of us – it sure as hell can’t handle the output from an extra THREE people. You can’t put all the extra out cause the collectors won’t take it. They only take what fits in the bin. I am sure as hell not paying for a skip or to go to the recycling plant.

This place is NOT big enough for seven people.

Six months to go….

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