Brilliant Your Views comment…

“Anyway, what sort of stupidity gives tax cuts to the wealthy instead of the lower paid, then asks that people hand their tax cuts over to the needy? Why didn’t the government target the tax cuts towards those in need?”

Thank you, couldn’t have phrased it better myself.

Thumbs up also to editingtheherald– nice take on John Key’s comments…. I totally agree with everything said there, but I have to disagree with him and everyone else who’s bashing Americans. Yeah, their housing bubble imploded and consequently sent the rest of the world’s economies down the loo, etc, but looking at the PEOPLE (not govt. or the corporations),  the American way of giving should be commended (and actually does exist, contrary to popular belief).

From what I’ve observed, everyday Americans are pretty charitable. so many people in the PF blogosphere give money to charity/church. So many come on the MSN Money boards and tithes are a line in their budget – and most of the time they WILL NOT budge on that for whatever reason. Yet, they are in debt or can barely feed or house themselves but for some ridiculous reason insist on donating money they don’t have. That’s commitment. Whether it’s for religious reasons or whatever, the fact remains is that people are committed to giving part of their income away. Hell, so many people on the boards make their kids tithe out of their POCKET MONEY. I’ve never heard of anyone doing that. Ever.

If you didn’t already know, the next round of tax cuts take place from 1 April. Those under $40k won’t get anything (or will only get at most $10 they say). The tax cuts are aimed at everyone ABOVE that income level. I doubt I’ll be receiving anything. BF got an extra $11 a week when the first round took place last year, but then he got made redundant. Key suggested Kiwis should donate their tax cuts to charity if they could afford to, citing the “American style” culture of giving/donating.

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