Financial snapshot

We got hit with both water and power bills this week. Water is something I haven’t been budgeting for (along with irregulars like insurance. I am trying to put away some for BF’s car insurance in May but that hasn’t been possible yet. At least we have a little bit aside for the car registration which is due..next month?) Luckily I’m getting a tax refund from my overpaying on my overdue tax from last year…..so that will help.

We also have a new flatmate who cleans, is tidy and fairly quiet and pays EVERYTHING on time.

Unfortunately, HF is still here.

Our power bills have also soared. I get the fact that prices have increased slightly, but not all that much. I get the fact that we now have people at home during the day, whereas last year nobody was home during the weekdays. But does that explain our bills almost DOUBLING? It’s really frustrating, as I know I’m barely home and am certainly not sucking up the electricity.

Am considering changing providers, and according to Powerswitch we could save around $450 a year by changing. Something must be faulty though. I did the calculations myself…For example if we were with Mercury this month we woulda paid about $368. We are paying $381.. about $13 difference.

It’s so hard to actually really compare providers! They say they take the various payment discounts into account, but maybe they don’t. Energy Online ahs a 20% prompt payment discount which is pretty generous, and is the only thing that stops me totally freaking out every month – we saved almost $100 this month.

On the bright side, student loan on BF’s behalf is now done with! And more so. In fact, it’s been overpaid by $108. I’m wondering if we’ll get that $108 credit refunded? We should, technically.

Gotta love the bureaucracy. The other day a statement arrived showing that $108 credit. Right below was “Overdue repayments from 2008, $200 something – please pay immediately”. Never mind the fact that the loan was actually now paid in full. Thankfully the next day a letter came confirming full payment and to stop repayments, yadda yadda yadda.

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