Finally got around to going to DTR to claim my $60 refund.

Wonder how long before it gets processed? I plan to use it to get another three months’ of contact lenses.

Now hopefully I’ll never have to set foot in there again!

I feel like I haven’t had any control of our money the last few weeks. I’ve been staving off the flu and some sort of stomach issue, and taking various medications has simply left me doped up and still unwell, and with BF not bringing any money in, it’s all very disorganised.

We got a letter form WINZ informing us that as he did not “respond to a request for information, your application has been declined”.

The letter was dated April 9. Over a week ago. And just three days after he actually went in for his first appointment.

And, I might add, we never received any “request for information”.

So now it’s over to calling the 0800 line and trying to get through to a human operator to find out what the HELL is going on.

BF hates waiting on phone lines, especially when he’s 15th in line or whatever. Social services are just so overloaded at the moment and they seriously are not coping at all.

I’m just trying to make his EF last as long as possible, because it’s not looking healthy.

And now we have to deal with having no hot water. Turns out it was the cylinder, and not anything to do with the LL’s family staying. Now they’re gone, nothing’s changed – it’s just a coincidence our water went around the time they arrived. Hopefully that also explains why our electricity bills are so high! It’s summer for chrissake, and we’re using double what we did a year ago.

Hope his insurance get it sorted super fast. He’s been made redundant too. And the weather’s getting colder, and my cold isn’t going away…cold showers don’t help any. Up until last week I was managing to squeeze in roughly room temperature showers – ie, the water was MARGINALLY warmer than my body – but those golden times are OVER!

I just finished washing my hair for the first time in three days. I was forced to wash it in the basin (something I find damn near impossible, hidesouly uncomfortable, and messy), and this required me to boil two jugs of water.

Primitive, no?

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