Domestic goddess??

family_bathroom_70_mainI did one of the strangest online surveys ever. It was about….toilet cleaning products.

It didn’t make me feel very good about myself. My only excuse for my total ignorance is, well, I just don’t spend all that much time in the cleaning aisle. It gets a cursory run at most, sometimes not at all – unless we specifically need to pick up something. What do we ever need from there, except loo paper, bleach, Jif, and dishwashing liquid, washing powder? (I use vinegar and water, sometimes with a dash of detergent, for general cleaning).

I sure didn’t know there were special products that go inside the tank. Or special toilet cleaning products designed for use on the rim and outside of the bowl. I thought toilet duck and the like were for cleaning the bowl, full stop. Then again, when I’m buying cleaning gear, I home straight in on what I want and never look at anything else.

Am I more concerned with hygiene, germ killing, fresh smells or keeping the bowl sparkling white? Or with bottle tops that make my life easier?

Jesus, it’s an effort just cleaning the toilet once a week, no need to get all deep into this territory.

But it’s all got me thinking. Obviously, I will be a REAL grown up when I use disposable cleaning wipes on the seat and outside of the toilet every other day.

And when I sweep up the kitchen more often than once a week.

And dust the windowsills (ever).

And actually have a reserve of food in the pantry/fridge, even at the end of the week.

And have a spice rack, a range of condiments, baking basics and Tupperware for storing food.

And when treats like ice cream and biscuits last more than two days in the house.

Okay, maybe never. That’s all a bit daunting…

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