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Every week we leave the supermarket with a “treat” food. Lately it’s been ice cream, sometimes it’s biscuits or cake or a baking mix or muffins or cookies or something drinkable.

But it gets old. Shortbread is yummy. So is chocolate. And peanut and macadamia. There are so many flavours of cookies and chips and even chocolate, but once you’ve tried them all, then you’ve tried them all.

So I’ve decided I’m going to bake next week. In fact, I’ll be baking our snack foods for a while (as long as I can stand it!) Cakes, muffins, cookies, cheesecake – well, I plan to get no-bake cheese cake mix, but everything else WILL need actual time in the oven.

That way it’s healthier, super fresh, and fun to make! We can make whatever the hell we want; the possibilities are endless, and we’ll get more for our money.

I just hope it all works out well. Might do a couple of pre-made mixes to start off with. I’ve never successfully made a cake or cookies of any sort, so it could be a journey and a bit.

Any ideas for simple baked foods? I have a really sweet tooth, and am this week tempted by Closet Cooking’s cake with Bailey’s frosting. But I’d say that’s a bit beyond me right now. I LOVE all his recipes; he’s a genius. But most of them are too advanced, or too much work for me. (And am not keen on putting beer in a cake. And I’d probably drink the Bailey’s. Maybe….these lemon bars. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking…mmm.


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