That four wheeled thing…

that gets you around.

Is there any bigger money sinker than these damn vehicles?

I reckon when it comes to cars it’s better to buy a cheapie in cash for a few hundred, then when the inevitable repairs come up you aren’t paying on the car as well as paying for the work.

I was discussing this with BF –  how much we’ve spent on the car, in terms of work done.
He said it was not that much and started rattling off various repairs (to be far we have had some wicked lucky deals), but he’d left out the most recent stuff we had done like the new clutch. So we added those up…

The numbers were getting REALLY high and I really didn’t want to know, so I went off to brush my teeth and left him to it.

It irks me that he spent 3k on a car and has spent probably not far off that amount again in work. To be fair, the car itself is fine. Most of that is due to his accidents, the repairs and the insurance excesses. Really i can only think of
one or two major things that needed doing that weren’t caused by one of the crashes.

It’s nothing like this…


but more like this 😀


But it’s a bit of a Rudolph, and I mean, he’s got a red nose.

Is there anything more hoary looking than a white car with a red bumper?


It may not be good for your ego to drive a total junker, but it sure will be better for your wallet….

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