I do NOT like

– People who use “rape” and “raping” as a verb to refer to something other than the actual act. IE, “raping your car”. Especially when it comes from a girl. Yeah, double standards at play, but when females throw “rape” around, well, it just seems wrong. If we can’t take rape seriously, how can anyone?

– Chicks who get drunk and come on to your BF. Once, okay. Twice or more….. well, I’ve tried, and I really want to like you, but this ain’t a friendship and it’s not gonna work. Keep it in your pants.

– People who lash out and blame others for their own fuckups, and get abusive. Take some responsibility for yourself.

2 thoughts on “I do NOT like

  • Reply sense May 4, 2009 at 19:55

    right on! the ‘rape’ thing. it’s such a horrifying word, and that’s because it IS a horrifying act. don’t desensitize it. it *should* make you flinch to hear it.

    ew, gross skanky girls making moves on BF! friendship is earned. …by not hitting on your friends’ boyfriends. girl needs a reality check. i’d probably start making out with BF in front of her.

  • Reply eemusings May 4, 2009 at 19:58

    Lol, she doesn’t do it when I’m around….

    BF tells me afterwards with a slight shudder.

    First time was kinda funny, but thereafter it was more irritating, ya know?

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