So much to do. So little time

Just finished a 2500 word essay. So weird to go from writing minimal, pared down journalese with ‘that’ treated like a swearword, and clean simple sentences with no extra or complicated clauses, to flowery, academic writing.

I’m trying not to think about everything I have to do over the next month. Originally I was thinking that the two weeks I have after semester ends, but before my internship, I should use to try and get more hours at work.

But I think that a) I’ll need to work on my shorthand and b) rest up!

For MC3, I have another essay and an exam.

Shorthand, another test which I need to pass to graduate.

PAR, a media law test and a mixed group/individual project.

Editing and Design, a three page design project plus 1000 word essay, and laying out the newspaper at the end of semester.

News Reporting, a stats test, and possibly a style and grammar test, I’ve got to get some more photos done, and keep up with at least one finished story a week.

Whew. I think I’ll take some downtime tomorrow, then get cracking on the weekend. Have to hunt down something local….

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