Open letter to Work and Income

I’ve had it up to here.

I simply don’t understand WHY it is you continue to make life so damn complicated for us. Yet, you seem perfectly content to keep doling out money to people (including members of BF’s family) who, frankly, do nothing productive with their lives, apart from occasionally pop out another child.

From the beginning to now, dealing with you has been nothing but a headache. First you refused to even see BF. You fobbed him off with excuses, like how backlogged you were and how long it would be before there were any free appointments.

There was a whole brouhaha about the fact that I study and work, and should therefore be able to support the both of us singlehandedly.

Then came the letter stating that we had failed to comply with their request for further information and his claim was denied. Only, you had never even SENT a request for any information. That was just a lie, an attempt to deny him any help he might have been entitled to. And of course, it took another couple of weeks to straighten that one out too, because you can’t just call up to make an appoitment to sort out misunderstandings. It always takes about a week before you can get in to see a case worker.

Then it finally all seemed to come together. You gave a little, we gave a little, you were impressed with his ethic, and wanted to help him as much as possible because he wasn’t like the other lazy bludgers on your books.

And then came a letter saying that BF had failed to attend an appointment for LSV (whatever that might be) on Monday the 22nd, and a letter had been sent to inform him about this appointment on Monday the 8th.

Again, lies. No such letter was ever received. Nothing of the kind was even mentioned to him at his appointment on Thursday the 11th of June, when he went in to discuss his enrolment in the New Start programme at Auckland Uni.

Now you say a “work test” has been issued for him and his entitlement will be compromised if he does not contact his case manager with a “fair and sufficient” reason for not attending.

A reason, like…. No such appointment was ever relayed to me?

And anyone who’s ever dealt with WINZ knows they shunt you around case managers; he’s never seen the same person more than once. Who knows who his supposed case manager is at this point.

I can only assume they will now take it upon themselves to suspend his payments, and add to my stress.

Work and Income, it’s time to start playing fair.

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  • Reply Musings of an Aberrant Aucklander July 23, 2009 at 19:24

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  • Reply metc August 13, 2009 at 19:47

    Winz are horrible. My best friends mother is a single mom and well when my friend started uni, she went in to cancel their working for families, and turns out they didnt and they let her know now, $2500 later! Sick attitude they seem to have. Even though it was was winzs fault. I would give anything to smack em all in the face with a pan!!!!! Grrr >:|

  • Reply David April 12, 2011 at 11:37

    Hi eemusings

    Reading ur article the following points r all too familiar..

    -The phrase “Good and sufficient reason for not attending”

    – Work test fail for not attending a meeting u were not aware of.

    – A work test fail for not providing a good and sufficient reason (at a meeting that u did’nt go to because u were’nt aware of it) for not attending the initial meeting.

    – Almost everytime after the disregarding/ignorance of ur rightful entitlements a another meeting ,not less than 1 week away needs to be made(with a different case mgr so that u can go thru all the kafuffle again ..from scratch)
    This is only because u have stated it is urgent!!

    Winz’s actions are no surprise. The only thing is that if they were to cancel benefit,assistance of any form(provided you finally have it granted – your entitlements r basically secondary in any general dealings with them btw), it would b on ur b’day or 1 week b4 Xmas. They do this because they have a sense of humour.

    I am currently working thru my blog (http://workincomenz.wordpress.com/)
    noting the incidences I have had with Winz. I hav sorted them by year (for now) as every yr there is some drama going on there.

    Eventually, the idea of the blog is for beneficiaries to record their experiences in it.

    Feel free to comment, offer feedback on the contents.

    Btw this will help u greatly, the latest incident was last week’Medical Entitlements’- The Benefit Rights Service(Wgtn Peoples Centre) sorted Winz out. There r branches in Auckland also.

    Regards David

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