Tracking purchases

When I first got my credit card in my first semester of uni, I used it for online purchases, or really large purchases. So honestly, I hardly ever used it, and tracking purchases wasn’t even an issue.

Then I started to realise that A) I could be making rewards points by using it for things like groceries, gas, etc every week – easily a couple of hundred dollars and B) I could be cutting down on my bank statements. Seriously, they were running to about 5 pages a month, once you factored in all our payments, purchases, and flatmates depositing rent and bill money. Instead, I ended up wih longer Visa statements (the print is tiny, though) and it means when I graduate and no longer have unlimited free transactions, I won’t be stung with nasty EFTPOS fees.

I used to meticulously make notes in my phone every time I purchased anything on my Visa. You know, $20 for gas, $10 for lunch, $120 for food, whatever. Then I’d get home and transfer over the full amount (usually, before the purchases even showed up on my transaction history).

But I’ve been SLACKING lately. No more keeping track of purchases. Nope, I have been lazy and caught up in the craziness that’s been 2009. I’ve just been waiting for everything to show up as a transaction, then transferring over money to the Visa. I don’t like it. It’s sloppy and it would be far too easy to overlook one or two purchases.

Can’t moan about it to BF though – he just goes “Oh, so you’re finally using it like normal people use their?”


I…will….breed….this train of thinking out of him.

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