$20 for a 9 hour day

or, what’s like to be an unpaid intern….

Luckily, I nipped out for a halfhour lunch today and caught two buses. Two bus surveys = $20, not bad for 30 mins work! Plus another 15min tomorrow to write them up. I’m ignoring the fact that I won’t get paid for them til month’s end…

Twas a long day indeed.

The first court hearing I was supposed to go to got postponed till 2.15, so back to the office we went. Then it turned out it did go ahead, sometime BEFORE 2.15, which we entirely missed. The second hearing we were meant to sit in on at 2.15, postponed till 3.45. So we nipped off to Mangere for a small conference with the family of Halatau Naitoko (the guy who was shot by police in the motorway chase back during January). Sad stuff. I just wanted to give them a hug.

Then it took an hour to drive back to work, despite it supposedly being against traffic and all. Very frustrating, very tiring. I haven’t been this glad to get home in a while!

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