Field trip and missed skiing opportunity

I’m down in Whakatane for a week, from Sunday.new_desktop_f13

Why? Well, my internship is now over, and part of second semester involves going on a field trip and spending  a week working on the regional papers.

I get back on the Friday – the same Friday a group of friends are going down to the snow for four days. Obviously we won’t be going. We don’t have a grand lying around to blow, I’m not sure about driving down there, I will still be away on the Friday, and after a week away from home I would just want to spend the weekend at home, regrouping. And to be honest, I’m glad. Even if it was an option, I don’t want to go with the people who are going. Two of them are a couple, who are good friends of ours (although not so much since a certain drama at the start of the year. Awkward). Most of the rest are friends of the couple and by default BF and to a much, MUCH lesser extent me. They’re all lovely! Don’t get me wrong. It’s just there are a couple of other people (okay, girls. Man I sound like such a woman hater, especially after that recent post about bitchy so called friends) who I’m not really friends with and not super keen to spend time with. They’re just not my kind of people – nothing personal – and four days is a long time.

Very proud of BF, though. First he was all, “We need to find a grand in the next month!” Something he knows we can’t do. His friend jokingly suggested selling the car. Guess what BF responded with?

“Ah, but that would need to go towards paying off the old car.”


That’s the most PF-y thing he’s ever said! The boy is learning. I’m so proud of him.

He added “It’s nearly paid off.” Which is true, I suppose. Less than $2k to go, from just over 4k.

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