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I’m still waiting to hear back from taxrefunds.co.nz. I applied over a month ago and haven’t heard a peep! So much for the “five working days”. I get that they’re backlogged, but they need to keep us in the loop.

It’s the first time I’ve ever gone through a tax agent. I’ve always done it myself through the IRD. All was well until last year I got stung for $500. Ouch. Why? Who the hell knows. Does anyone actually understand the tax system? Why can’t we just be taxed correctly throughout the year so there’s no owage or refunds come May?

BF just confirmed his personal tax summary, so that’s a cool $260 something. Now, how to allocate it?

I’m thinking something roughly:

Visa – $80

Car loan – $50

Car fund – $60

Savings – $40

Fun – $30

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  • Reply Sense August 18, 2009 at 23:17

    Hey–I saw your comment on my post and had a question: I checked out shared-accomodation but it looked a little fishy. lots of things are spelled incorrectly or are bad English, and they say in the FAQ that you can sign up and browse for free, but then you have to pay to see any messages that people leave you. They never tell you how much it is that you have to pay.

    Do you have good experiences with this site? is it legit??


  • Reply eemusings August 19, 2009 at 20:27

    I signed up to it a couple of months ago. You don’t have to pay. It’s like nzflatmates – if you pay, you get access to “gold listings” or whatever, but in this case you get access to their online messaging system. people still contact you via phone and normal email. I hadn’t noticed any bad English…but I went and checked out the FAQs and you’re right! (Personally, I think it’s a trend among REAs….last year, about 80% of the agents we dealt with were total fobs. In a way it worked out for us, no one would rent to us based on age, but this (Chinese) agent was all “I trust Asians”.) I definitely wouldn’t be paying – and I doubt many people are!

    Anyway, so from what I’ve seen it seems legit enough, obviously there’s a lot of overlap with TM but there are a few who don’t really like TM (or maybe they’re too stingy to pay for a listing?)

  • Reply Sense August 20, 2009 at 15:09

    Hmmm, thanks again! so you don’t need to pay for people to see your phone number or email address? the site tells you not to put your email/phone in your ad, but then how do people communicate with you?

    also, is it share-accomodation.co.nz OR shareaccomodation.co.nz (without the dash)? they seem to be different sites, but it looks like they are the same service! which one are you on again?

  • Reply eemusings August 20, 2009 at 16:02

    Ha, oops, I guess i’m breaching their rules in that case. I wonder if they’ll send me a warning or something. In that case, I guess that’s how they make money, telling people not to do that.

    I’m using the one with the dash but I just checked out the other one which looks neat (well, I saw a couple of listings I liked….)! Looks like there aren’t many people on it though.

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