Despite the massive mountain of assignments I had to work on, this weekend shaped up pretty well!

I did a quick mystery shop on Sunday, did a spot of baking (using a recipe I’d been wanting to try out for ages), and caught up on laundry (I was all out of clean undies – no joke).

We also went grocery shopping – last week we spent $20 less than the budget, and this week we came in right on target. For our $120, we got tons of veggies, meat, as well as a couple of treats. Strawberries are back in season – woohoo! We also bought a couple of herbs – chives and basil – which I want to put out in the garden.

And lastly, we went up Mt Albert and went for a walk around the top. Now I’ve been up Mt Roskill, Mt Eden, Mt Atkinson… but never Mt Albert. The entrance is tucked up some leafy side streets; you’d never know how to get up there! The hillside is obviously a pretty wealth area. The houses are old and palatial and I wouldn’t even want to guess at how much they go for. Anyway, it was all very quaint – we went for a bit of a jaunt around the peak, looked for four-leaf clovers (unsuccessfully) and T picked a few flowers for me. Very Enid Blyton.


I finally got paid for all my overtime back during Fashion Week! Most of this went towards cancelling out the overdraft we racked up over the moving period.

$50 in Vodafone topups for both me and T
$22 at the butcher
$25 on gas
$80 at the supermarket
$22 at Fruit World
$21 pn misc. food and drink

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  • Reply me in millions October 20, 2009 at 15:21

    Haha! I like to wait to do laundry until I’m out of clean underwear too. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that!!!

    • Reply eemusings October 20, 2009 at 15:46

      You know what else? I never make my bed 😛 I just don’t see the point!

  • Reply Sense October 20, 2009 at 17:45

    Ha ha…that’s awesome.

    So…how do you get to the Mt albert entrance? I have to do some fieldwork there and it’d be useful to know how to get onto the volcano!!

  • Reply eemusings October 20, 2009 at 18:36

    Ummm, I consulted bf, who doesn’t actually know what the streets are named (true local…). BUT according to the council http://www.aucklandcity.govt.nz/council/documents/managementplans/mtalbert/section5-0.asp it’s up Summit Drive, which looks about right from the google maps!

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