Weekly spending

An extraordinarily spendy week…

$9 – Saturday and Sunday breakfast
$34.30 – eating out over the rest of the weekend
$26 – two shirts, two singlets for T
$11 – five pairs of socks for me
$68 contacts (3 mo)
$9.50 car battery terminals (overtightened and broke when BF was doing stuff with the sound system)
$90 for groceries (woohoo! We went to the crazy expensive new New World in New Lynn as we were in the area, but shopped all the specials, and made out pretty well. The service is bordering on stalkerish- the trolley boy followed us from the door, across the carpark, and to the car. And they pack your bags for you. It’s great that it creates much-needed jobs, but I suppose that’s what jacks the prices up.)

I also tweeted last week  about this phone that I was thinking of buying. It’s a very very basic one, with a touch screen, but it has a much better camera than mine and is a huge upgrade from my 4 year old Sharp GX17!

T was also in need of a new phone – he’s been begging and borrowing other people’s castoffs for a few months now. And at half price, we figured this was a pretty good deal – ignoring the weirdness of us having the same model of phone.

The time has never seemed right for me to get a new phone, but this felt as good a time as any.

T already has his: I’m off to buy mine today. JB Hi-Fi was advertising it for cheaper than Vodafone itself (bless their hearts), so I’ll get it for $133 and hopefully sell the sim card pack for about $30. His phone cost $149, which he will pay back over the next few weeks. (He sold the sim card pack that came with it for $30, so that brings it down to $120).

Also, I took part in my first carnival! It’s now up: check out the Carnival of Personal Finance #230 at Canadian Finance blog.

2 thoughts on “Weekly spending

  • Reply SS4BC November 10, 2009 at 13:57

    Wow, contacts certainly will do that. Do you budget each month for when you have to buy them? I used to save up $10/month to buy contacts each year. (Now I just wear my contacts on special occasions and my glasses for every day wear.)

  • Reply eemusings November 10, 2009 at 14:22

    At the moment I usually save enough for each lot of contacts through mystery shopping – usually one month’s MS pay is enough for a batch of 3months. It’s the first time I’ve bought lenses since at least the start of the year, if not late last year – I haven’t been able to wear them for about five or six months because they were drying out and irritating my eyes. Now the weather’s changed and fingers crossed, they’ve been okay so far today!

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