I’m still here…

Busy weekend. Busy start back at work. Doesn’t mean I forgot about my January challenge – all four days worth! (I was kind of tempted not to post my sloppy weekend attire, but seeing as I went to the trouble of actually taking snaps… and yes, that’s also what I wore running on Sunday). Tuesday is coming…once I get around to hooking up my camera to the laptop.

My main goal this week is to shop around for new contents insurance – AMI is raising our premium, and an online quote at a competitor suggests I could save a decent amount by switching, even without a multi-policy discount. I’ve put in requests for quotes from three or four places, but none have bothered to get back to me. (So much for ‘within two days’; don’t they WANT new business??)

In other news, I decided I’d had enough of the box of junk that’s been hanging around for…four months now? Basically, T’s mum gave him some old silverware, coins and antique dolls (unfortunately in very poor condition) among other things, with the idea that he’d sell them and keep the profits as a birthday present. He drove around to a few dealers, bought some silver polish, and…never got any further.

So I’m taking over *sigh*. We got a whopping $19 for all the old coins – mid 20th century British currency – and will probably tackle the silverware next. For the coins, I went to a specialised dealer, but I’m thinking with the silver spoons it might be better to get them appraised and then list them on TradeMe. Maybe. It’s really hard to figure out how much collectibles are worth – any tips?


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  • Reply me in millions January 28, 2010 at 03:54

    I’m so jealous of all your tank tops, shorts and skirts! It’s freezing in DC!

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