Job update: Me

So it’s my turn to update you on the job front!

I don’t know if this TECHNICALLY counts as achieving my goal of an upwards career move. What I can tell you is I now have the security of a fulltime contract. My title hasn’t changed, but I will have a bit more responsibility, and presumably the opportunity to really prove myself on the weekends. I do get a raise – almost 10% – which seems fair and I’m happy with. Next time around, I’d like to crack 40k – so close, yet so far. I’ll also be salaried, so I’ll know exactly how much I get each pay cycle. No OT, though – boo.

The big change is my working hours. Wednesday to Sunday, and I’ll be working the afternoon shift on the weekends. But I’m not signing on for the rest of my life. It’s not like I have a roaring social life, and in fact, I think this could actually help me be more social. It’s way too easy for me to come home after work, shower, eat, and then decide I can’t be assed going all the way back to town, for example. Or even when it’s just an occasion in the burbs, sometimes, if I’m completely honest. And it sure beats working the night shift, or the early shift (6.30am? Hell to the no).

What does suck is having opposite days off from T (no full days to spend together, no spur of the moment day or weekend trips) and different shifts (he starts around 7). We’ll have to organise a schedule that allows us to spend our evenings together rather than doing cooking or housework. And grocery shopping will probably have to be done on a weekend morning before work, or possibly left to him sometimes (eek!)

Assuming he does 40hour weeks, that should make us a 70k plus income household. Crazy! (What’s also crazy is perhaps the fact his hourly rate is nearly the same as mine, and has been higher in the past. And I have a degree! But such is the nature of the industry… and he’s not unskilled by any means).

I feel like things are finally, slowly, starting to come together.

Did I mention that we’ll be moving soon, and I can pretty much guarantee that we’ll be paying more rent wherever we go? Our rent right now is really cheap (shared house) – the downside of course is dealing with flatmates and the resulting drama. So the timing couldn’t be better.

Thank you, universe.

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  • Reply Stephany February 21, 2010 at 07:06

    Oh, yay! So happy for you and it’s great that things are working out with your job. It may not be the ideal career that you want for the rest of your life but it’s great that you’re happy with it and that things are working out.

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