April roundup

Ridiculous amounts in the car category, thanks to a new warrant and associated parts that needed replacing to get it up to scratch. I don’t think there are any of my commuting costs in here, as I bought a month of bus fare at the end of March – cheap student fares, before my ID card expired.

Even more ridiculous amounts in the utilities area. I had to pay a ridiculous bond $150 to my power company as well as a aig phone/internet bill for the first month (month in advance plus part charge to catch up with their billing cycle). And although I topped up my cellphone, a crap locking system and carelessness saw me waste $10 (half of the amount I put on it) on random phone calls to random people. I’m still hoping to make it to my next recharge date without having to top up further. One week to go…

I also paid a quarter’s worth of contents insurance. Otherwise everything doesn’t look too bad – dining out especially is half of what we spent last month! I’m kind of surprised. It’s all out of necessity, though – I’m the only steady earner right now.

In other news…

I made $733 in additional income – $40 from mystery shopping and the rest from two months of my side job. $250 went to my travel fund and the rest to my EF, although some of it will pay for an eye test and new contacts soon…and maybe a haircut. I badly need one, but don’t really want shorter hair going into winter! Speaking of which, that $40 bought me a shiny new pair of  boots. Flat, semi-slouchy, pointed REAL leather boots (another almost brand-new secondhand score!) Unlike every other pair I’ve ever had, they are not the nearly-knee high kind. Instead, they come to about mid-calf, which I think is actually more flattering to my legs. Now I need some roundtoed brown boots and some black ballet flats!

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