What I’m watching

Three shows I’m loving:

Avatar: The Legend of Aang. I’ve watched a fair few cartoons in my time. To give you an idea, I grew up in the age of Pokemon, Dragonball Z and the like. But none of them holds a candle to Avatar, which BF has got me hooked on! I tuned in late, sometime in the last season, but now I want to go back and watch all the episodes from the start. It’s a pretty generic plot – boy out to save the world – but the characters make it. There’s so much humour, they have cool element manipulation powers and come on, there’s a flying bison!

The Big Bang Theory. Words can’t express how much I heart Sheldon and Leonard. (I mean, I wouldn’t want to date either, but I’d totally befriend them.) This show has the BEST writers and the BEST lines, hands down.

Top Chef. I love seeing all the insane dishes they come up with and scoffing at how douchey some of the contestants are. BF has a real talent for coming out with new combinations and sensing what textures and flavours marry well; I have none of that. Hopefully watching more Top Chef will help 😀 But if not, his culinary skills are good enough for us both.

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7 thoughts on “What I’m watching

  • Reply Sunflowers June 1, 2010 at 15:33

    I LOVED Avatar (though here it was called Avatar: The Last Airbender – I wonder what’s with the subtitle change?). I was never a fan of Pokemon, my shows growing up were Jem & the Holograms, Sailormoon, Exo-Squad, Thundercats, She-Ra, Highlander The Animated Series… such fond memories!!

    Aside from Avatar, kids these days just have a bunch of crap to watch!

  • Reply eemusings June 1, 2010 at 16:04

    Never understood why American audiences always had stuff under new titles. Example: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (can’t remember what the US version was changed to) and Northern Lights became the Golden Compass.

  • Reply Veronica June 2, 2010 at 01:31

    I hardly watch tv. I think it’s mostly garbage nowadays and I don’t feel like trudging through it to find something decent. Movies for me.

  • Reply fabulouslybroke June 2, 2010 at 02:10

    I LOVE Top Chef.

    As for American TV series, I find people are more into titles such as “Two and a Half Men”, which is erring on the regurgitated sort of so stupd it’s funny jokes (sexist, racist, too obvious, bathroom humour)… and I am more into shows that have humour but wit to them.

    I can’t stand very generic American humour. The Brits do it better, but the drama (especially reality shows) is better from the Americans.

  • Reply Aspiring Minimalist June 2, 2010 at 13:48

    LOVE the Big Bang Theory!

    Though, I love Sheldon’s character, it might be annoying to have him as a friend.

    PS. Is it bad that I’m glad that Penny and Leonard broke up? I felt it was way too awkward…

  • Reply eemusings June 2, 2010 at 14:11

    Dude, they broke up??

    We haven’t had that episode yet…

  • Reply Sharing the love « Musings of an Abstract Aucklander July 13, 2010 at 21:52

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