Belatedly, a June roundup

Dining and bars: Surprisingly low. Consider that almost half of that was a nice dinner out at Piko, the AUT restaurant (review coming up), plus a few evenings at the pub (at least half of which only involved BF; I wasn’t even there), I’m pretty happy.

Clothes and grooming: Haircuts for the both of us, and a new shaver for him.

Insurance: A  year’s worth of car insurance. With 30 per cent no claims bonus (first year! Woop woop).

Medical: Eye exam and related guff. I got $60 of that refunded, though, after the contact lens fiasco.

Vehicle: Paid for another three months of car registration (I swear this comes around more like every other month…) plus around $100 for my bus fares.

Entertainment: is massive, and virtually all of that was my purchase of two more Metallica tickets. Yes, I already bought passes, but those weren’t very good seats. And when I heard on Twitter that more were being released – and found some general admission ones still available – I made the decision to click through. Two of our friends are keen to buy my other tickets, so fingers crossed they all get mailed out promptly come September and there’s no drama there.

As always, savings noted here is on top of regular savings, so I put away close to $1000 in various accounts.

Overall, I feel like we’re chugging along steadily. Percentages all look vaguely in line, despite the whole one-income thing, and I’m on track to meet my goal of saving $10,000 (touch wood). Paying off the Visa on T’s behalf set me back, but not fatally.

(Before I forget…I netted $785 in additional income. That went towards a birthday gift, long term savings, and a little each to the bills account and general spending. I know. Tsk)

3 thoughts on “Belatedly, a June roundup

  • Reply Veronica July 7, 2010 at 21:06

    Wow.. that is some seriously impressive tabulations. I need to get that organized. What is it that you use to make the spiffy pie chart and keep all this organized?

    • Reply eemusings July 8, 2010 at 01:04

      Haha thanks. My online banking does it all! It’s all automated. It allows me to categorise each transaction, and then does the monthly calculation. The one downfall is you can’t split transactions. Ie, you might have bought stockings + kitchen sponges at Kmart and paid for em both on one card (or on the same cash withdrawal) but can only class that as either clothes OR homewares.

  • Reply Serendipity July 8, 2010 at 07:50

    You had a great month! I think it’s important we all have a little fun money and it seems your metallica tickets were just that. 🙂

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