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I’m lucky to generally get away with 40 hour weeks. But every so often, all hell breaks loose. Like this week. I really have nothing more to say, except that salmon pizza is a bad idea. (Pizza – the go-to communal food when there’s a hungry office in need of feeding.) And that I’m not actually sure that overtime is going to be worth the money.



Punch Debt calls for suggestions on what to do in San Fran while Amanda shares some highlights from her trip there.

Looks like the horrid Cooks Source saga continues. Being Ruth has the latest…

Remember all those horrible “forward this email to 100 people or you will be cursed and die” chains? Deb Ng reflects on how social media changed all that.

Do you read blogs in other languages? Everyday Minimalist explains how to translate them in Google Reader.

Small Steps for Big Change goes undercover to learn more about the essay-for-sale industry.

Ashley at Sound of Silent posted a video of her flute rendition of the Harry Potter theme song. Seriously rad.

From Yes and Yes, Sarah recounts some culturally awkward moments on the road.

And Backpacking Journalist has the headsup on eight travel scams you need to know.


Jenny at Dinner: A Love Story shares a simple stuffing recipe for beginners.

Mushrooms, cheese and pie – some of my favourite things. Closet Cooking whips up a feta phyllo.

I’m going to stick to my no-bake cheesecake, but if you’re a more accomplished cook than me, then PLEASE make Rina’s cafe au lait cheesecake and tell me about it. (I might try out her tips for making a lattice crust, though)


Do you think of saving as getting in the way of your spending, or vice versa? Hithat’smybike argues that wealth is something you buy on layaway.

Hannah Katy (who’s spending a year volunteering straight out of uni) falls victim to a pickpocket, and reflects on money as a dreamer in a capitalist world.

Meanwhile, Minting Nickels’ Lindy looks back on what she did with money in her 20s.

Leslie at 27 and Frugal on investing in yourself and why she chose to have a certain procedure done years ago (I guessed right!)


Financial Samurai reflects on the early choices he made in his career and wonders what might have been.

From Social Diary, some hilarious anecdotes on how to lose a job in PR.

Anne Wayman answers some questions for Carol Tice on making a go of ghostwriting.

An inspiring interview with Colleen, who hit a bump early on in her career but made the most of the situation.

And finally from Get Rich Slowly: some tips on minimising online distractions.


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