December roundup

I am so embarrassed (hides) – I’m pretty sure this is the spendiest month ever. Also, beyond the $495 in savings already noted here, I have no idea how much either of us actually saved in total (due to the way I handle cashflow). Nonetheless, it was probably more than wiped out by the various large purchases you will soon be reading about.

Clothes – New Dickies shorts for him. Woot pre-Christmas discounts.

Dining – I bought some lunches this month, had dinner with the girls, and as a couple we ate out a fair bit. It was a busy month. Still came in under $200.

Entertainment Homegrown tickets $200, BDO tickets $240 (through a friend, otherwise would have been $320). Library fines, Fatso subscription. Box of beer brought to a friend’s birthday.

Groceries – We splurged on a fair bit of seafood. Also, it may have been a five week month? This also included some of those biscuit samplers which we bought for Christmas presents to give away, and beer to the tune of $40 which T paid back.

Gifts – we spent about about $200 on each other for Christmas. I got the headphones I’d been wanting, he got the collector’s edition of the new Star Wars game. And I bought myself a dSLR. Eeep.

Holidays – Our post-Christmas weekend away (might post a few pics later on), our anniversary, a little miscellaneous Christmas spending that wasn’t on gifts.

Insurance – I don’t know what the hell is going on. I thought our cover was to renew on the 29th (we have mail to that effect), and I asked T to call up to pay for the year ahead. They told him we were already paid up for a quarter and charged us for cover up until June instead. YEAHIHAVENOFREAKINGCLUE. Unfortunately, he’s the primary driver and the holder of the policy, so he generally deals with them. We’re going to have to up contributions into our irregulars account to pay for the increased cover; in the meantime I’ve paid for it from general savings.

Medical – Contact solution, eye drops, hayfever meds. $15 for 10 freaking pills!! Unfortunately, my allergies have been worse than ever, so I don’t have much choice but to fork out.

T lunch/fun – Still have this category from when all our spending was done from one account. I guess it’s a good thing, cause he a) occasionally accidentally pulls out the wrong card to use b) does it on purpose because he’s close to the line and then pays it back.

Utilities – a little higher than usual due to cellphone wastage and adding movies to our TV package. Which reminds me, I must get around to cancelling our Fatso subscription. I also noticed they added an HD charge to our bill and asked them to remove it (they charge in advance) so hopefully a refund will appear on our next statement.

Vehicle – $213 for our GPS, about $40 for new oil and a filter, and lots of gas.

The dSLR was on my “one day” list, but a friend happened to be selling off his to raise some cash, and I scored a Canon 1000D with bag and two lenses for $750. It retails for over $1000, and that’s with a lens with less of a range. Meanwhile, I’d been keeping half an eye on GPS bargains, and given that I/we hope to be doing more trips, it’s going to come in handy. We used it last weekend and if we go down to the Coromandel tomorrow, you can bet we’ll bust it out. I’m also programming in places that we want to go to at some point, like the Auckland Fish Market, certain restaurants and the like.

In terms of STUFF… we now have pretty much everything we could possibly want. One day – ie when we live in a bigger place with a lounge, say, and a proper kitchen – we’ll get a food mixer and maybe decent cookware, but for now I think we’re set.

12 thoughts on “December roundup

  • Reply Tasha December 31, 2010 at 17:15

    we all have our days and it’s ok to splurge on yourself and loved ones once in a while 🙂 happy new year!

  • Reply Financial Samurai December 31, 2010 at 17:20

    Although spending ~5,000 is a lot, if you’re making more, why not!

    And if you’re not, at least it brought you some pleasure!

  • Reply First Gen American January 1, 2011 at 00:26

    I completely write off my December and January budget. I work pretty hard all year budgeting and saving and saying no to myself. The holidays are my respite and I don’t want to feel like I’m a total scrooge. I still want to vomit when I open my credit card bill but that’s another story altogether.

    Being a dual income family, you definitely feel guilty about not being able to do all the things in town that are created specifically for stay at home parents. Yes, I’m pretty sure my son will not take karate lessons if the only time they are offered is at 2pm on Tuesdays. Anyway, I compensate with awesome vacations and weekend fun excursions.

  • Reply The Asian Pear January 1, 2011 at 05:43

    Well, as long as it’s for Christmas and not EVERY month. Don’t feel too bad.

    Happy New Year!

  • Reply muzzy January 1, 2011 at 15:07

    Have you asked the doctor for a script? I get a script of loratidine.. I *think* I get about 90 tablets, and its just your standard prescription cost.. actually, I may have only paid $3 for them instead of $15.. so maybe they are subsidised completely.. I used to pay up to $17 for 10 tablets until my mum was prescibed them.

    • Reply eemusings January 3, 2011 at 12:43

      I just switched to Zyrtec from Loratidine, which stopped working for me. Zyrtec has been okay…but not a fix all by any stretch of the imagination.

      Umm, the last time I asked about hayfever stuff, and was just told to go and buy OTC stuff.

      Haven’t been to the doctor since I graduated (as I now have to pay for it.) Next time I need to go in I might ask for a prescription. Still, it’s a bit of a gamble as you never know what will work.

  • Reply Daisy January 3, 2011 at 14:02

    Thanks for the comment & visiting my blog!
    I really, really hate how expensive allergy medication is. I found some in target in the travel size bins for only a few bucks, but otc & target brand. I also like how you have everything in pie charts – mint.com does that too but I never know how to import it to my blog. Plus, mine is so messy 😛

  • Reply twentysomethingmoney January 3, 2011 at 17:01

    Wow, thats a very detailed expense list! Its December, its the one month designed for splurging!

  • Reply Amanda January 3, 2011 at 21:33

    Oh don’t get me started on hayfever meds – I’m on double the normal tablet dosage, nose spray and eye drops. Do they come in any other form?!

    How exactly do you keep up such a detailed expense list?

  • Reply Lindy Mint January 4, 2011 at 02:04

    What’s December for, if not for a little splurging. That’s why January is a time of new beginnings. 🙂 DSLR…I’m drooling, nice score!

  • Reply Jessie's Money January 4, 2011 at 16:59

    December through to new years is tough for everyone! Jordan and I have put ourselves on a very strict budget for the rest of January to get back on track.

  • Reply The Lost Goat January 4, 2011 at 18:17

    GPS are the best – I got one for Christmas a couple of years ago and already it’s in my “necessary” category.

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