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It amazes me how universal something like a sport can be. New Zealand is hosting the Rugby World Cup, and while I couldn’t care less about rugby nor do I understand how the game works (league, despite the off-field reputation of its players, seems much more civilised and logical to me, because it’s pretty similar to the touch rugby we played growing up), it was something special to witness the crowds who trekked up Mt Eden to watch the opening ceremony fireworks, and to be seated in a comfortably full pub watching the game.

It was total carnage up there. We made the wise decision to bike up (yep, my first ride on a motorcycle involved ascending a volcanic cone), as the peak was already well filled up with cars. Families with children and strollers walked all the way up, while others clambered up the trails through the grass and mud in the dark. Madness.

I honestly do think we had the best vantage point – up close, apparently the fireworks were extremely smoky, and you wouldn’t have been able to see the full effect of the laser lights bouncing from roof to roof if you were in the midst of it. I had plans to go into town following the game and meet up with friends who had been at the waterfront since 3pm, up close for the entire launch ceremony – but twitpics of the masses on the sidewalks and in the middle of the street, tweets from friends and otherwise about the chaos, the public transport breakdowns and most importantly, a message from the police urging people not to go downtown unless necessary convinced me otherwise. I honestly doubt I would have been able to find them at all, let alone for us to go out clubbing after. I’m amazed my friends even managed to get on a bus home.

Aside from that, my weekend consisted of sleep, T and I cooking dinner for my parents, and experiencing authentic Mexican food at Ashi Itzcalli – where we were the first customers in while everyone else headed either to town or Eden Park for the RWC launch – and got complimentary beers shot through with lime and Tabasco, and had my first taste of chili paired with cocoa.

How were your weekends?


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And finally, three posts on the 10th anniversary of September 11:

“I’ve been out of the news business for five years. In that time, my human side has been reborn. Now, I watch footage from 9/11 and I have to fight back tears.” Shiftless and Lazy.

“If you want to see anxiety, pen a few hundred journalists up in an airport, unable to go anywhere, as one of the biggest stories of their lives is unfolding an ocean away.” Strange Attractor.

“The legacy of the World Trade Center is the stories of people who survived. And in those stories, I hear a symphony of assurances that it’s okay to get off the fast track. Because you can still feel fulfilled. It’s okay to earn half of what you’re earning now. It’s okay to put your kids in a bad school. It’s okay to have a mediocre career or a mediocre house. It’s okay even if you just rent forever.” Penelope Trunk.

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    Thanks for including my post 🙂

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    Thanks for the link! Those fireworks look awesome!!!

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    Thank you! 🙂 Your camera must have been amazing to be able to get those night shots. My camera? Not so much.

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    Actually I was teaching in DC! I must have made that confusing somehow. But thanks for the link. 🙂

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