Lifestyle Carnival #9: Trip planning edition

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I’ve spent the last hour scoping out Sydney sights and eating spots for my trip later this week. The thing about researching new cities is that you really have no idea where anything is in relation to anything else. Sydney central seems to have no shortage of different neighbourhoods, and I’m not sure whether the city is really spread out, or whether each small area just likes to have its own identity.

Sadly, there were no travel posts in this week’s carnival, so we’ll move straight onto my next favourite topic: food!

Good eats

Melissa @ Mom’s Plans: Our Organic Meat CSA – Delivery 2 – “This month, we got another nice selection of meat. (You can see what we got in the first delivery here.) I am really starting to enjoy this CSA; we’ll decide in the next few months whether it is something we will subscribe to for just 6 months at a time or for the whole year.”

Melissa @ Bargaineering: Tips to Organize Your Freezer and Pantry to Avoid Food Waste – “You are not saving any money if your food goes bad or expires before you can eat it. If you have a stocked pantry and/or freezer, here are some ways to organize your stockpile.”

Penny Thots @ Penny Thots: Indoor Gardening – “Gardening can be done anywhere. You can pick up a ‘green’ light at the local hardware store or get it delivered from The Tree Center and set up an area for yourself somewhere in the home. It’s not really conducive to growing traditionally huge plants like cucumbers, tomatoes, and squash, but there are several advantages to growing your own microgreens, mushrooms, and herbs.”


Jessica @ Budget for Health: Prioritize Your Life – “If I’m not careful, the order of my priorities tend to get reversed when I let urgent things trump important things in life.”

Daisy @ Add Vodka: Informal Learning Through Blogs – “I am a huge advocate for lifelong learning. I think it’s important to continuously develop oneself, learn new things, and gain new skills.”

L Bee @ L Bee and the Money Tree: What my father taught me about customer service. – “I was busy yesterday celebrating father’s day! We met my brother for lunch and then went shopping at the outlet center and I did not get home until 6:30 or so and had to finish up the article due on my first freelance assignment.”

Aloysa @ My Broken Coin: Battling Shopping Addiction: Making Behavioral Changes – “Do you have a Shopping Addiction? Battling Shopping Addiction by making behavioral changes.”

Peter @ Bible Money Matters: Ten Short Years of Marriage: Things I’ve Learned, Why I’m Thankful for My Wife on Our Tenth Anniversary – “Now fast forward ten short years, and here we are celebrating our 10th anniversary! How did the years go so fast? Today I decided to share some things that I’ve learned in those 10 years, and talk about some things I’m thankful for about my wonderful wife Maria.”

Miss T. @ Prairie Eco Thrifter: Managing the Third Shift: Are You Making Time for Yourself? – “For most women, managing the third shift—time for them when they can truly unwind in a guilt-free manner—is the toughest role of all. The caveat? Successful management of the third shift can mean the difference between feeling like you’re constantly spinning your wheels and feeling like you’re living your life in balance.”

Mariah G. Carrillo
: Living In Delight – “A post about being yourself and making life beautiful.”

Wealth and Retirement

Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff: Mr. BFS Grabbed a New Hobby Job – “The decrease in business has left us with some unexpected free time. Mr. BFS and I started looking into ways of monetizing that time.”

MR @ Money Reasons: Victory With REITs? – “This is the victory that I’ve been having with REITs over these past 3 or 4 years. It’s been an exciting time!”

PITR @ Passive Income To Retire: Funding New Business Ideas – “Find out how I plan to fund new business ideas and why a small cash flow gives me the advantage.”

Jester @ The Ultimate Juggle: Ways to Start a Business – “Find out some of the many ways you can create your own business that don’t require taking out loans.”

Grand Per Month @ Grand Per Month: Knowing When to Walk Away from a Business – “We all have different reasons for wanting to make an extra grand a month. Whether you want to make more money to pay for your kids’ college or to save for your own retirement or to pay off debt, it is important to recognize that your first idea for making a grand per month may not work out, and that is okay. Recognizing when to walk away from a business venture is important.”

Roger the Amateur Financier: Book Review – The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Making Money in Freelancing – “A review of a book that seeks to give you insight into how you can make it as a freelancer. It shares advice on everything from settling up your business to promoting it as far as possible.”

Vanessa @ Vanessa’s Money: So You Want to Start Investing: Mutual Funds – “A simple, albeit long, explanation of how mutual funds work and how to pick the one that’s right for you!”

I’m a huge fan of personal finance blogs, but it’d be great to see fewer financial posts and more lifestyle posts next time around! Let’s get cracking.

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  • Reply myjampackedlife July 3, 2012 at 14:09

    I’m new to carnivals so maybe you can help me a bit. When I click on the submission form link, it doesn’t lost any criteria for posts. Should there be a theme for the post I want to enter, or just any post?

    • Reply eemusings July 3, 2012 at 17:22

      Hm, you’re right! It originated from the Yakezie network (there are a lot of forum posts about it) and it’s mainly members who take part, and already know the criteria. I’m told they’re working on a dropdown box with post categories. Anyway, anything along the lines of lifestyle, food, travel or other hobbies, or PF but specifically around lifestyle design/retirement rather than finance posts.

  • Reply queenlbee July 3, 2012 at 15:11

    Thank you for the mention!! What an honor 🙂

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