How the young and broke make car-related decisions

Is it worth buying a manual car? You can push start them in a pinch if they won’t start.

How long should we register it for? It’s cheaper overall to buy a full year’s registration upfront … but what are the odds this car is going to last that long?

How much should we put in the tank this week? If this is the week it dies….

Seriously, I swear every one of our past clunkers gave up when on a relatively full tank, or was put out of action for an extended period of time with lots of petrol in the tank.

I do NOT miss the constant stress of owning a beater – rattling around with multiple things falling apart, only ever being about one repair away from scrapping the whole thing. When just one more would be the last straw tipping it over the edge to not-worth-it. O 

This may as well have been our anthem.

One of the best things about earning more is being able to afford a much better vehicle that doesn’t give us cause to worry .

I’m not happy that we needed to replace two tyres this month (are our wheels just magnets for nails?!) but very grateful that we passed the WOF check (our 2nd in this car!) with no drama, and are good for another year.

One thought on “How the young and broke make car-related decisions

  • Reply Anne January 23, 2017 at 15:24

    Hmm. This was a “check your privilege” post for me. We almost lost a vehicle in 2016 and not-once-ever did I think about the value of the gas in the tank!

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