There’s nothing like being able to throw money at a problem


Some things are much better solved with money than time.

Some things can ONLY be solved with money.

Most of the issues I’ve had have fallen into one of the above categories.

When the dogs broke a window

When we had to replace tyre after tyre after tyre due to pesky nails turning up in the treads

When our pets required unexpected veterinary care

When our vacuum died

When I suddenly needed to get my wisdom teeth out

When our reactive dog really needed expert help

When we needed X rays done

When we simply needed help with keeping the house clean

When only prescription meds could help with skin issues

When we suddenly had to move house

When my glasses broke accidentally

It’s interesting to me to look at this list and see how many are health/medical related. (Also, dog related. Sigh.)

T has been seeing a chiro regularly and that’s a chunk of money for appointments that only last a few minutes at a time… but is well worth it.

Lately it’s also become clear to me just how much some of my coworkers must spend on healthcare. For health insurance. For specialist visits. For private surgeries.

As someone who never even goes to the doctor except in dire circumstances, it’s all so strange and foreign to me.

Melanie recently asked what the best thing is that money has afforded us.

Aside from the ability to sleep at night, like I told her, I would also add the ability to not worry about health costs. When you’re talking about your health, financial stress/constraints are the last thing you want to deal with on top of all that.

6 thoughts on “There’s nothing like being able to throw money at a problem

  • Reply Anya May 10, 2017 at 09:48

    Agreed! Most of ours are medical/pet related as well. Hubby and I are fortunate enough to have decent health insurance and flex spending accounts (US) but still spend thousands a year in out of pocket costs. Also, recently one of our fur-babies was diagnosed with a nasal cavity tumor. Diagnosis and treatment are a combined $10k. It’s a lot of money but it was a 3-day radiation treatment and expected survival time is at least a year. His symptoms are completely gone and quality of life is back to where it was so for us, the expense was well worth it.

  • Reply Kate @ Making it Rain May 14, 2017 at 06:08

    Oh my I can so relate! When I look at my medical expenses over the last five years, it’s ridiculous. 3 MRIs, multiple lab tests, and countless sessions with physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, podiatrists, and the list goes on.

    All said and done, I feel so fortunate to be able to access this kind of medical care, and that is only because I have the money to get it. There is no amount of time in the world that could fix my health problems!

    Hope T is having a good experience with the chiro, it has been an absolute lifesaver for me!

  • Reply Erith May 17, 2017 at 03:22

    I’m from the UK, so the larger amount of our healthcare is free. I don’t have pets, so where does money help? Probably house repairs / maintenance
    I am just so happy knowing that regardless of what the bill is, I will have the money to pay for it. That is such a good feeling.

  • Reply Xyz from OurFinancialPath May 18, 2017 at 12:05

    Somethings are just easier that way.
    If the stress implied from NOT throwing money at it will be greater than the stress you will get from spending that money, go for it!

  • Reply Funny about Money May 19, 2017 at 14:21

    Y’know, the thing about throwing money at a problem is that those things — the money magnets, we might call them — INVARIABLY come up at the worst possible moment! Have you noticed that if you indulge yourself a day or two after payday, before the end of the pay period some expensive crisis will happen?

    It’s always good to have money in an HSA or an emergency savings account (or both) to cushion these blows.

  • Reply Financial Muse May 24, 2017 at 11:22

    Couldn’t agree more. Health care costs can take down any well meant budget. All we can do is stay as healthy as possible and keep an emergency fund for the unexpected!

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